Minutes of the Annual General Assembly of CING-CE

 Year City Link to meeting minutes
 2011 Strasbourg   
 2013 Zürich  CING-CE_2013_Zuerich_protocol.pdf
 2014 Toulouse  CING-CE_2014_Toulouse_meeting_minutes.pdf
 2015 Bratislava  CING-CE_2015_Bratislava_meeting_minutes.pdf
 2016 Hamburg  CING-CE_2016_Hamburg_meeting_minutes.pdf
 2017 Malaga  CING-CE_2017_Malaga_meeting_minutes.pdf

Statistical Analysis of CING-CE alumni

 Year City Link to analysis
 2012    Bologna   
 Who are we - Edition 2012
 2017 Malaga   
 Who are we - Edition 2017

Surveys and other interesting documents

 Upload Date Link to document
 2017-12-18  How CING-CE was founded
 2017-12-18  CING-CE Alumni Survey results 2017