Local Branches

Since our Alumni are spread all over the world, a lot of the day to day activities such as After Works are done in any of our 14 local branches.
  • Australia-NZ
  • Bergslagen
  • United Kingdom
  • Halland
  • Japan
  • China
  • Continental Europe
  • Norway
  • Norrbotten
  • Skåne
  • Smaaland-Blekinge
  • Stockholm
  • US-Canada
  • Vaermland-Dal
  • West
  • Oestergoetland
Some branches are larger than others but all of them gladly accept new members and work hard to make you feel welcome. To receive information about your specific branch please contact us and we'll send you the right way. Before the end of February all relevant information specific to your branch will be available right here on the homepage.