The history of CING-CE

The initiative of starting the sub committee of Chalmes Alumni Association (CING) for Continental Europe, CING-CE for short, came in the late 1990's. Reacting to the growing number of Chalmers alumni spreading all over Europe, the board of Chalmers Alumni Association (CING for short) decided to try and start a new chapter for continental Europe in 1997. Originator was the then chairman of CING Björn O. Albrektson which organized and personally phoned about 100 potential participants around Frankfurt in Germany. He also asked one of the originators of the Chalmers Spex and former chairman of CING, Tore "Fredde" Fredriksson, which had moved to Breisach in southern Germany after retiring as an engineer, if he was willing to act as the first chariman of the new chapter, which he was. About 30 people met in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt for golf championship and fun and the foundation was done. The next year, the get-togther was organized in the nearby city of Basel in Switzerland, close to where Fredde lived. Also this year was a success and the new chapter had gotten a good start. As the first chariman of CING-CE, Tore held this position from 1998 to 2001 when he resigned. Tore became an honorary chairman of CING-CE in 2005. He and his wife Inger are still very appreciated guests at the get-togethers.

Here is a document written by Björn O. Albrektson in 2017 which describes the foundation of the chapter in detail, with a sense of Chalmers humor of course :-)

Hosting cities of the annual get-together

Below is a complete list of all cities where the annual get-together for CING-CE has been arranged.

Country Photos
1997 Bad Nauheim / Frankfurt Germany
1998 Basel Switzerland
1999 Paris France
2000 Brussels Belgium
2001 Berlin Germany
2002 Vienna Austria
2003 Wroclaw Poland
2004 Budapest Hungary
2005 Barcelona Spain
2006 Belgrad Serbia
2007 Lissabon Portugal
2008 Prag Czech Republic
2009 München Germany
2010 Amsterdam The Netherlands Photos
2011 Strasbourg France Photos
2012 Bologna Italy Photos
2014 Toulouse France
2015 Bratislava Slovakia
2016 Hamburg Germany Photos
2017 Malaga Spain