Change of address and profile information

Chalmers Alumni Association and Chalmers are very keen in keeping in touch with all graduates from Chalmers and are thus in need of up-to-date contact information. The Alumni Network has been established for an easy way for all Alumni to access and update their personal information.

For Chalmers Alumni Association to always have access to updated data, it is of utmost importance that all alumni and particularly members register in the Alumni Network  and update their contact information whenever changes occur.

In the Alumni Network you can also search for your old classmates or other of Chalmers Alumni Associations members. More information on how to change address or search for members are available on Alumninät.

Should you have problems accessing the Alumni Network, you are always welcome to contact our secretariat through or by Telephone +46 31 772 4780. Your updated Contact information can also be submitted diectly to the secretariate.

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