340 kr/year of membership
If you are born before 1946 you pay 170 kr/year.
Notice if you live abroad:
Since the postage is very expensive 125 kr/year is added to the membership fee if you want Avançons and the catalogue sent home to you. Avançons will be available through the website and we work on also offering the catalogue digitally.

How do I pay?

The membership fee i payed to Bankgiro 683-4410. Social security number (YYMMDDXXXX) must be used as reference/OCR.

An invoice for the membership fee is sent out each year with Avançons nr 4 in December.

We also offer e-invoices. Admission is given through your internet bank. Remember to update a valid mail adress!

If you live abroad the following bankinformation can be used:

IBAN SE2350000000050121001385
Reference the payment with your social security number (YYMMDDXXXX)

You ca also pay by SWISH ande the number is 1232183887.

You can also pay the membership fee with VISA or Mastercard below: