CING-CE Annual General Meeting 2020

CING-CE will meet online for the first time on the 2nd of October at 19:00 for this year's AGM. The meeting will be hosted virtually using Zoom.


To participate in the online meeting you have to register. Link for registration:

Fill in the data fields and press “Register”, that’s all you need to do. After we have checked your registration, you will receive an email with links and details on how to join the conference. The email will be sent from

What do I need to join the event?

Everyone will be able to join the conference, as it can be joined using the following methods:

  • On your PC or Mac (recommended)
  • On your smart phone or tablet using the Zoom app
  • On your phone using the provided dial-in numbers (audio only)

In order to be able to fully participate in the meeting and vote, you should join either with a mobile device (tablet or phone) or a PC/Mac. You then still have the choice to additionally dial-in using your telephone, as this usually works right away.

The confirmation email will contain a selection of local telephone numbers. If your country is not in the list, you can visit to see a complete list of all global telephone numbers that can be used to join the conference by telephone.

Where can I get help?

Please contact us at if you need any help with setting up the conference or if you are in doubt. We can also offer test meetings so that you can check if everything works before the actual meeting.