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Continental Europe? What does it mean? Which countries are part of Continental Europe?

Well, the easy way of defining it is that all European countries are part of Continental Europe, except for Sweden, Norway and Great Britain, which have their own sub committees of CING. Chalmers alumni living in any other country than those three are part of the Continental Europe of the Chalmers Alumni Association, in short CING-CE.

In Continental Europe, there are approx. 1700 people who graduated from Chalmers University of Technology. About 300 of these are members of CING-CE. Since we are spread out over such a large geographical area, it is difficult to organize activities where all can participate. But since the beginning in 1998, there have each year been a get-together in the autumn, traditionally one the first weekend of October. That is the chance for the Chalmers alumni, together with their partner/spouse/significant other, to travel to an interesting European city during a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) to eat and drink well, to experience interesting events and, most importantly, to meet fellow alumni to exchange experiences and laughs and simply spend a happy time together.

Are you a Chalmers alumni? Then take the chance to participate in the get-togethers organized by CING-CE. If you have any questions or simply wants to know what the next plans are, please don't hesitate to send us an email:

Please note: All invitations are always sent via email to all alumni in Continental Europe. So in order to not miss out on any news, make sure to update your email address at CING. This can be done online under "Medlemskap" and "Adressändring".


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