Report from our Virtuella Gasque 12 Sep

”From Nolla to Diploma in one Hour”

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During this virtual Gasque, participants received a quick Zoom rerun of their entire Chalmers time from Nolla, several years of hard study and wild parties, all the way to a Diploma. Guests prepared with Nollbnricka, Chalmersmössa, songbook and of course Snaps.

The program started with a video from Chalmers about previous Nollning. Then a keynote speech by Noll-General Ehsan Eshani, followed by Noll-Admiral Per Treven who handed out the Noll projects. People had to draw the answer to an Emil-Emilia problem on a sheet of paper and show it. Unbelievably, all projects were approved. - On several occasions during the program, our excellent First Ceremony Master Olof Karlsten gave us song, music and Skål -from Göteborg past midnight. And all controlled by Director Arne Dunhem-Zoom.

Now Nollbricka-Inspector Å. Hellström-Likström took over, old and gray-bearded; said he was Nolla 1932 and ready -37. With his sensitive instruments, he complained bitterly about poor precision in all Nollbrickor. And threatened to spark 5000 Volts in the ears of sinners. But by some grace, all Nollbrickor were approved. Nollbricka OFF, Chalmersmössa ON! Now we are all Chalmerists! Study and party!

Then, our Professor in Philosophy with Kids Play and Sports, Bo Hedfors-Einstein comes in and gives the first exam to the group. Not just one but three questions! Silence prevails, we only hear the rasping of pens. - How was the exam? …. Everyone made it! And more singing!

Finally, time for the Exjobb under Instructor-Opponent Bengt Gerborg-Exjobb. He asked for a logic solution of pouring beer between different volume containers. What a practical subject! But our leader needed to offer a bit of help to get a good answer. However, all were approved!

To celebrate, there was cheering and fanfare, everyone has graduated - so time for the last snaps song. Then festivities continued with video and sound - fireworks, Alliance Orchestra, Chalmers Ballet, ceremonial speech, and open mic.  Wow, how on earth did we survive our time at Chalmers…

Åke Hellström (F69)
Senior Director, USA-Canada