A different Christmas - join Chalmers student union for dinner!


Chalmers student union gladly invite us alumni to take part in a Christmas celebration.

On the twelfth of december the union will host a digital Christmas dinner!
It is now possible to preorder your Christmas dinner. We are happy to offer this for both students and non-students. Last day to preorder your food is the 3rd of December at 14:00

To get the most out of the event, follow these three steps:

  1. Order your Christmas meal online at https://www.chalmersstore.se/.../the-student-unions.../ or at STORE in the Union Building before the 3rd of December at 14:00. Note that it will not be possible to buy food at the pick-up.
  2. Come to the union building at the 11th or 12th of December to collect your food. Choose a suitable time slot when ordering your dinner. Do not forget your receipt and student union card, if student. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get delivery.
  3. Join the stream the 12th of December

Links to the event:https://youtu.be/VO3VnLCztKE. You can join the dinner without buying the dinner.

When: 12 December 18:00 UTC+01-21:00 UTC+01
Where: Online
More information

Hope to see you there!