Even more interaction

Happy Chinese New Year CING family! CING Shanghai is back online after the holidays and we are fast at work to set up new and exciting events for the spring.This spring we are going to try some fun activities to make our gatherings even more interactive, engaging and bringing more value to our members. We are inviting our members to give more in depth presentation about themselves and their companies during our after work gatherings.

We will have planned the following events for the upcoming 3 months:

  • 22 March 19:00 at Abbey Road AW and company presentations
  • 10 May 19:00 at Abbey Road AW and com­pany presentations
  • 23 June 19:00 AW and watch Swedish football team beat Germa­ny in the World Cup, location TBA.

Please make sure not to miss out on our events join our wechat group. Invite old and new Chalmers friends to join us.

2018 is the year of the Dog according to the Chinese Calendar. The Dog is characterised by its loyalty and group work capability ­ perfect for a year of community and cooperation to strive for prosperity and happiness in our lives. Dear members of our CING community, lets strive diligently to help each other improve succeed in the new year!

Carl He, I090, WeChat CARL5538