See you soon, Anders!

On the 10th of May, CING Shanghai gathered to say farewell (or “see you soon”) to one of our most prominent and charismatic figures in Shanghai circles, Mr Anders Henningsson, M99. Anders, the veteran corporate director, always generous with his insight and fun anecdotes, very kindly sponsored a wonderful dinner at Dishuidong to celebrate his relocation and promotion back to head office in Sweden.

Anders who is an old Asia hand, with more than 18 years experience in Korea, Singapore and China shared with us his philosophy of management and background how he got interested in China in the first place. We find out what Anders considers to be his most important factor in success in Asia (conducting oneself with honor), his non-orthodox but effective disciplinary methods (involving slamming of shoes), and the game that bought him to Asia: professional 5-in-a-row!

Anders, we find out, is a grandmaster in the game of Renju (professional 5-in-a-row). Anders was at one time placed number 4 in the world, and is extremely passionate about this game. It was also was his gateway to China when he organized the first World Championship tournament of Renju in Beijing in 1999. He developed his fascination and love for Asia, until he eventually came here. Now that chapter is coming to a close as Anders prepares to move back with his family to his native Småland and Husqvarna where Mastec has its head office.

So we were fortunate to enjoy Anders’s stories and everyone was wishing Anders a happy and safe continuation to his remarkable career, now from Asia back to Sweden.

As this article is published, CING Shanghai have already together watched the game of Sweden vs Germany in the World Cup (and celebrated a great Swedish victory hopefully), and are now on Summer break. We will be back in the fall with great new activities and fun. Until then, we wish you a great summer, all Chalmerists around the world. For anyone in Shanghai that have not joined the CING wechat group, please join the group and our great events.

Carl He, I090, WeChat: CARL5538