Ledarskapsnätverket Avancez

A warm welcome to a digital leadership event on the theme: Leadership in organizations without managers!

”Since 1983 the number of managers, supervisors, and administrators in the U.S. workforce has grown by more than 100%, while the number of people in all other occupations has increased by just 44%.” - Gary Hamel - Harward Business Review Nov-Dec 2018

There are organisations that work well without managers. How do they do it? How can these organisations motivate people without someone directing and controlling? What do leaders do differently in that kind of organisation?

Jesper Nyström (E95) and Henrik Zätterman (E98) will guide us through an interactive exploration of the subject and share their experience of working in a Teal organisation (organisation without managers). Jesper and Henrik work as agile coaches for ProAgile in Gothenburg. They guide other organisations towards higher employee engagement, more innovation, faster learning and better value creation for everyone.

When: March 21st, 18:15-19:45

Where: Online, Zoom (link will be provided before the event)

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/t4hAA6CsWUh7vjia

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Ledarskapsnätverket Avancez