HONGKONG A royal visit in November

Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademin, IVA, with his Royal Highness King Carl XVI Gustav will visit Hong Kong and Shenzhen last week of November to explore the latest technological development of the Greater Bay Area. Greater Bay has 68 million in population covering 11 cities and is 10 times larger in population than Bay Area in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Greater Bay Area is the 3rd largest bay area today and will become the largest bay area in the world by 2020.

The growth engines are Hong Kong and Shenzhen corridor. The Chinese high speed train opened 23rd of September and takes you between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 14 minutes and to Guangzhou in 48 minutes, which was earlier 1hr and 3 hours respectively.

The integration in the Greater Bay area will be one of the primary growth engines in China the coming decade. In the light of technology advancement, Nordic Innovation House will inaugurate in Hong Kong on 28th of November to bring Nordic tech to Greater Bay and further expand to Asian markets using Hong Kong as a gateway.

Upcoming activities in Hong Kong: Christmas dinner 5th of December