Sustainable Production - Conference Day by Chalmers

Collaborate to compete: Sustainable production

Chalmers Production Area of Advance invites you to an initiative seminar with focus on sustainable production and collaboration between academia and industry.

Join us for an exciting day where we highlight the utilization of research excellence within sustainable production that takes place through the important platforms for collaboration between academia and industry:

  •    Competence centres linked to the Production Area of Advance. 
  •    Lund University’s Division of Production and Materials Technology, which is a part of the Production Area of Advance.

By working together we achieve greater success! 

Keynote speakers ready at this point:

   Frances Sprei, professor in Physical Resource Theory at Chalmers. 
   Susanne Ollila, professor in Technology Management at Chalmers.

The day is moderated by Jon Bokrantz, research specialist at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science at Chalmers.

Event time: 21 May 2024 9.00 - 17.00
Event place: Lindholmen Conference Center
Agenda & Registration: Open the link 

Welcome to an inspiring day with success stories on how we make it happen!