Sustainable Textile Development.

CING invites You to 2 Top-Events during this autumn about Sustainable Textile Development

CAAS, Chalmers Alumni Association for Sustainability, a network within CING, welcomes you to two seminars on the environmental sustainability challenges of the textile industry. 

These events will address how we can work together to create a positive shift using the collective power of industry, politics, and consumers. Textiles are everywhere and are used in many different industries and contexts with an extensive potential of development. 

Event 2, November 9th:                                                                                                                                                                        
Jonas Larsson will present design strategies and innovations for circular systems in fashion and clothing and Anna Lidström will talk about redesign methodologies and approaches that provides the foundations for redesign practices as an artistic field and redesign strategies as business models.

Subject:      Material, Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship
Date:          Thursday 9th of November
Time:         17:00-17.45, guided tour at the museum of historical textile machinery (the doors open at 16:45)
                     17:45-18.15, some food partly sponsored by CING
                     18:15-19.45, presentations by Jonas and Anna including Q&A
                     19:45-20.30, walk and talk mingle                                                         
Address:    Skaraborgsvägen 3A, Borås
Place:        Textile Fashion Center      
Language:  English
Registration will open soon.
We also have a LinkedIn group where we can discuss sustainability. 
You can apply to join the group here:


Anna Lidström Doctor of Fine Art in Fashion Design, Swedish School of Textiles at the University College of Borås and Creative Director, Researcher Textile Movement, Science Park Borås




Jonas Larsson Associate Professor in Textile Management at the University College of Borås.