After Work in the Spirit of Community: CING Stockholm Celebrates William Chalmers' 275th Birthday

On November 13th, we in CING Stockholm gathered in the cozy vaults of Östgötakällaren to celebrate the 275th birthday of William Chalmers. Born in Gothenburg in 1748, William Chalmers was not only a prominent Swedish merchant but also the eldest of four siblings. He was educated in trade and marketing in Gothenburg and Great Britain and continued his studies across Europe. Over time, he became the director of the Swedish East India Company and lived in Canton and Macau, China, for ten years.

Upon his return to Sweden, he took over the management of both the East India Company and the Trollhätte Canal Works. His dedication greatly contributed to the completion of the canal. After leaving these posts, he had a significant impact on Sweden's international relations through the import of porcelain from China and silver from Spain, enabling the country to export its own goods such as wood, iron, and artillery to other nations.

William Chalmers passed away in 1811, leaving half of his fortune to the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg. The rest of his assets were donated to create a craft school for poor children, which eventually became the institution that is today Chalmers University of Technology.

It is with pride that we carry forward William Chalmers' spirit of philanthropy and pursuit of knowledge. It was in this spirit that we came together to share memories, laughter, and good stories, while toasting to the man whose legacy we are all part of. Here is a picture of us from the evening, where each face not only reflects the joy of the moment but also a strong sense of community.

Let's continue to network, share our knowledge, and keep the Chalmers spirit alive. Until we meet again, let us remember William Chalmers and the foundation he laid, not only for our education but also for the community we hold so dear today.

In the spirit of William Chalmers, and in his own words — Avancez,

CING Stockholm