CING Talks #1 presents: World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen

Stockholm, September 20, 2023—CING Stockholm is proud to present the first in a series of CING Talks, and what a kickoff it was! Jonas von Essen, a two-time world memory champion, known from popular shows like TV4's "Talang", took the stage to share his amazing experiences and techniques.

Jonas' journey from struggling to remember his girlfriend's phone number to becoming a world champion in memory techniques is nothing short of inspiring. With a captivating presentation, he conveyed how each of us can strengthen our memory capabilities using techniques that involve everything from bouncing mini-kangaroos to a rocket-flying Dolly Parton. The 50 seats at LAMB, Drottninggatan 71C in Stockholm, were quickly filled, and the atmosphere was electric.

For those who couldn't attend in person, CING offered a LIVE stream of the talk, allowing many more to partake in Jonas' memory skills. For the lucky 50 who were there in person, snacks, good drinks, and pleasant company were offered.

CING Talks promises to be a platform where passionate Chalmers alumni can share their knowledge, experiences, and inspiration. And with Jonas von Essen as the first speaker, we can only expect great things to come.

Did you miss Jonas' talk? Don't worry, visit CING Stockholm's LinkedIn page to watch the stream and experience the magic. Watch the recording here

CING Stockholm would like to thank all the attendees and especially Jonas von Essen for an evening we won't forget. We look forward to more inspiring Talks in the future!