Electrification of transport to reach the climate targets

Welcome to this event arranged by Chalmers Alumni Association for Sustainability
together with Chalmers Students for Sustainability.

The transportation sector of Sweden is in a transition towards electrification. This is part of the national strategy to reach the climate targets and to phase out fossil fuels. In order to accelerate this transition, a group of 16 advisors were assigned one year ago to support the Minister of Infrastructure. This group is called “Elektrifieringskommissionen”.

How fast do the greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced? How will Sweden succeed with that with electrification? Are there solutions that can rapidly be scaled up?

Johanna Lakso, part of Elektrifieringskommissionen and CEO of Power Circle, shares her perspective in this event about electrification of transport to reach the climate targets. Johanna has experience from development and policies for renewable energy from previous positions at the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen).

When: Thursday the 9th of December at 19:00 - 20:15, doors will open at 18:30
Where: HA3, Hörsalsvägen, Chalmers

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