Entreprenörsnätverket Avancez

Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Would you like to share your experiences or know more about the process of entrepreneurship? Or are you just looking to widen your network?

Then ENA is for you!

About ENA

The Entrepreneurship Network Avancez (ENA) is a recently started sub association within the Chalmers Alumni Association with intentions to bring established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs together. There has been an explicit interest from both alumni and Chalmers which has been the basis for creating this network, and the goal is to reach out to inspire people interested in entrepreneurship to succeed!

We have had initial contact with a few alumni, and we can feel there is a lot of energy to be tapped regarding entrepreneurship from people who want to share their experiences, and from others who want to approach entrepreneurship, with or without an idea to explore.

Chalmers recently stated an ambition; “Our vision is simple: We want to be the best university for entrepreneurship in the world”. As a part of this they started Entrepreneurship by Chalmers (EbC), an umbrella group which contains all of their entrepreneurship endeavours. We have been in contact with EbC and they see great benefits on co-operating with alumni.


As a sub association of Chalmers Alumni Association we intend to inform members with news and invites to take part of events for inspiration, networking, and sharing experiences. As a network of entrepreneurs and people interested in entrepreneurship with relations to Chalmers, our wish is to enable networking between both professionals and students. We want ENA to be the platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and inspire innovation between its members. We have already begun a mentorship program aimed at the students of the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship!

To further enable this we have a Facebook-page and a Linkedin page where members are able to have immediate access to networking between each other regarding anything within entrepreneurship. As our main intention is to provide a network for entrepreneurs, all members are encouraged to reach out on our pages to ask questions, and to share experiences.

So if you are looking to enhance your understanding of entrepreneurship, join us today!