Next stop – Bristol!

The year 2018 brings a fresh breeze into CING­-CE, a generation shift on the board has taken place: new president is Swantje Krupp, E85. MSc15, who together with some young and some not so young board members, have started the planning of the activities 2018. The first decision: The CING-­CE annual general meeting will take place in Bristol, UK from October 5th to 7th 2018. For you keen on long term planning, reserve the dates already today!

Bristol was selected from nominations made at previous meetings and our survey last year February; we hope with Bristol to be able to alert some of our numerous mem­bers in the UK as well as the members from the European continent.

We are not that far bringing a program together but we have quite some options for a traditional layout, but also some new ideas that will be attractive to CING members in the UK and overseas.

If you have any suggestions for Bristol or queries about CING­-CE, just send us an e­mail:

Conny Sundberg, E85, President CING-CE