The year of the dog

The year of the dog is full of larger infrastructure developments. The world's longest bridge connecting Hong Kong with Macau and Zhuhai will open during the year, likewise is the speed train to Beijing and Shanghai from centre of Kowloon. The bridge shortens the travel time to less than 1hr crossing the delta to the city centres and the speed train take you with 350km/h to Beijing in 9hrs and Shanghai in 8hrs. These are amazing engi­neering infrastructure projects from a larger initiative called The Greater Bay Area cove­ring 11 cities, 66 million people, being a size equivalent to the 11th largest economy in the world with a GDP 3 times larger than Sweden and less than 1/8 of the surface of Sweden. It will be interesting to follow belt & road as well as other major engineering projects in the Greater Bay Area the coming years.

We plan for a meet up in mid-­May to combine it with a potentially incoming visit and/or other larger events. The date is not yet set, however contact me ( or WhatsApp +852 9016 7282) for further information.

Van Hoang, M03