Global Innovation Hub in 2022

Hong Kong is doubling its GDP spending on R&D and race to become a global innovation hub. The initiative is supported by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese government with President Xi Jing Ping addressing the importance of Hong Kong to become China's international innovation hub. The Hong Kong government is stepping up its efforts in eight key areas in that regard: investing more resources into R&D, nurturing a talent pool, promoting venture capital, strengthening scientific research infrastructure, carrying out legislation review, opening up data, streamlining government procurement, and boosting STEM education. The total investment in R&D will be HK$10 billion in funding.There are plenty of opportunities for international companies and organizations to apply for R&D, innovation, and tech start-up funding.

Sweden together with the Nordic countries seize this opportunity and will launch a tech start-up centre, Nordic Innovation Houses, in Hong Kong during September 2018 to cover The Greater Bay Area including Shenzhen being China ́s Silicon Valley.The aim with the Nordic Innovation House is to bridge innovation, R&D, investment and business between the Nordic Countries and Hong Kong with outreach to China and Asia Pacific.The Nordic Innovation House is a joint program from the Nordic Countries and its lead by me and my team at Business Sweden in Hong Kong.

Upcoming CING activities (preliminary):

  • September 13th: Crayfish party
  • December 5th: Christmas dinner

Feel free to contact me for further information.

Van Hoang, M03