A Successful Evening with CING Talks and Johan Andersson, CEO of Mellby Gård

November 22, 2023 will remain a memorable date in CING Stockholm's calendar. We had the honor of welcoming Johan Andersson, CEO of Mellby Gård, to our second-ever CING Talks. The venue was none other than the Epicenter in the heart of Stockholm, where over 40 guests gathered for an evening of dialogue and inspiration.

Johan, with his rich experience as a former student union president at Chalmers and current leader of Mellby Gård, generously shared his insights on leadership, education, and community engagement. In an intimate 'fireside chat' format, led by Bo Hedfors, we had the opportunity to delve deeply into Johan's thoughts and experiences. It was a dialogue that not only enlightened but also entertained, thanks to the magical dynamic between Johan and Bo.

Our evening began with an opportunity to network over tasty snacks such as olives and almonds. At the same time, a selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, was offered, contributing to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Feedback from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments on LinkedIn praise the arrangement, with members like Bisse Frid and Fredrik Schreiber expressing their appreciation for a "very rewarding meeting." Bo Hedfors, a veteran in the telecommunications industry, emphasized the rewarding evening and celebrated Johan's impressive 10 years as CEO of Mellby Gård.

This event is part of our continuous effort to gather Chalmers alumni to share knowledge, experiences, and create valuable networking opportunities. We are proud to have been able to offer this exclusive opportunity to our members.

To all who participated, thank you for contributing to this memorable evening. And for those who missed it, keep an eye out for our upcoming events – we promise there are more inspiring evenings in the CING Talks series to come.

Finally, a big thank you to Johan Andersson for sharing his time and wisdom, and happy belated birthday!

All the best,

CING Stockholm styrelse