We are finally launching the long-awaited mentorship program! 🧠🌟

CING Stockholm has decided to kick off a mentorship program. For this spring’s edition, we have 8 highly qualified Chalmers graduates who are looking forward to mentoring future leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists, problem solvers, creators, inventors, decision-makers, etc. The matching of mentors and mentees will take place during February, and the program starts by March 1 at the latest.

We are looking for you who are at the beginning of your professional life, and who want to get access to world-class mentorship. We imagine that you, as an applicant, graduated (all degrees from Chalmers are okay) around 2018-2021. However, it is of course possible to apply to the mentorship program even if you did not graduate exactly those years, but rather see it as a benchmark. We look forward to your application.

The deadline for applications is January 31. Here you will find a link to the application form in English