Chalmers Alumni Association for Sustainability (CAAS)

Are you interested in sustainability? Would you like to be part of making the world more sustainable or learn about the challenges and possible solutions?

Chalmers Alumni Association (CING) is currently launching the new interest group for sustainability to connect people who are interested in any of the sustainability areas. Follow this link to sign up and become part of this group.


Many of the sub-topics within sustainability have received an increased interest in recent years. Among the Chalmers alumni there are many who would value the opportunity to learn or even participate in making the world more sustainable. 

Several sustainability areas require urgent action, such as the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity. Chalmers Alumni Association has thousands of members globally and encompasses a wide range of knowledge and perspectives. Therefore, there is a possibility for the members to make a change together and contribute to a better society and thriving planet. 

Purpose of the group

Making the world more sustainable can be done more efficiently when knowledge from multiple areas are combined. The role of engineers is important when tackling climate change, enabling clean energy or striving for other sustainable development goals. 

Through the interest group for sustainability, we enable a productive interaction between alumni, students and researchers of Chalmers who share this interest. This group strives to provide a common area for alumni from Chalmers to meet, learn, discuss and engage in the specific sustainability topics of interest. It provides events, news and opportunities to collaborate on projects and network with other members from different professions.
The close collaboration with the students at Chalmers, focusing on sustainability, will be through the established group named Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS). This group will be the network among students, with whom we will engage to fulfill CING's purpose to support students that want to have contacts with alumni to exchange experiences, knowledge and to create engagement in these areas of common interest.

Sign up

Don’t hesitate, sign up now and be one of the early members of the group. All you need to do is to use this link which takes you directly to a form to fill out. Then you will be sure to be in the loop and not miss out on any invitations or news. You will also get the opportunity to come with ideas for the group or tell us how you would like to participate.